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The Bible Teaching On Sexual Harassment And Powerful Lessons We Could Learn

I wrote this article in my desire to provide a Biblical view on the matter that animates the news on an increasing rates. I drafted it since December 2017 but it's just this week I had time to finalize it. Glory be to God whose timing is always perfect.

I analysed Biblical facts and tried to apply them in the current topic. The Bible is in fact one of the oldest and best selling book in the world.

Many of its principles have been used to interpret and analyse a lot of human, cultural and social issues. There are several proofs of the authenticity and reliability of Biblical truths. For more details about the proofs of the bible authenticity, you can buy the book "Knowing The Truth About The Reliability Of The Bible" by John Ankerberg and John Weldon. Get it on amazon by clicking onn the icon bellow:

Personally and from the testimony of millions of people, the Bible gives to anybody willing to the way to live a fulfill life through repentance and faith in Christ Jesus.

Why not learning and applying the bible teachings on the topic of sexual harassment from the two examples bellow?

1. Joseph and Potiphar's Wife

As we read Genesis 39-40, these are the outlined points on the sexual harassment situation: -Joseph was handsome and was desired by Potiphar's wife -She let him know about it but Joseph refused to have an affair with her -He refused to have an affair with her because of respect for his master and the fear of God -She assaulted him but he ran away and forgot his clothe with her -She was disappointed and lied she was sexually assaulted by Joseph -She had proofs because she had Joseph Clothes -Her husband believed her because of proofs -Joseph was unfairly sent to jail 2. Tamar and Her brother Amnon

Let's now read the second story in the book of 2 Samuel 13 -He (Amnon) was sexually attracted by Tamar -He let her know -She suggested marriage -He assaulted her and defiled her -He hated her after abusing her -He got killed by his step-brother Absalom, Tamar's brother

3. Similarities and differences

-The two stories have some similarities: 1. Physical attraction 2. Open invitation for sex 3. Denial of the invitation 4. Harassment and Assault 5. Hatred 6. Deep emotional conversation in close places -There are also differences: 1. A man could be sexually harassed by a woman as well as a woman by a man 2. A solution was suggested in the second case (marriage) whereas there seemed to be no solutions in the case with Joseph and Potiphar's wife: No way Joseph could marry Potiphar's wife. 3. Sexual intercourse happened in the second case. Maybe because Amnon was physically stronger 4. There was prison for the first case and death in the second one 5. Joseph became governor of Egypt after being justified by God while David's son died 6. The first is between 2 cultures (Jewish and Egyptian cultures) while the second one is between the same culture (Jewish) and the same family (King David's house) The end of the two stories shows us that some sexual harassment reports could be lies whereas others could be authentic.

We can also draw some other conclusions from the 2 stories: -The only way to know which one to believe could be time. Time will reveal the true motivations of hearts: Some will be promoted and others will loose a lot even their lives (What some call divine judgment). -The presence of evidences is not always the proof of sexual harassment. More investigations need to be done to determine what happened mostly to detect lies and motivations for lying. -At the level of physical attraction and when the first demand for a date is made, there is no problem. It becomes a problem when the person insist for a sexual request after being rejected. -Cultural differences on sexual behaviors should be taken into consideration before judging an act to be an harassment. -The person investigating should have no affinities with any of the parties.

Potiphar investigated himself about Joseph case and could only believe his wife against Joseph.

Also, David was speechless when he heard about his son's harassment and assaults towards his sister. Questions: -How should you care of your physical appearance so that it's not a subject to awake sexual appetites on others? -What can you do to control your attraction towards someone who said "no" to your dating/sexual proposal? -Based on Joseph example who ran away from Potiphar's wife to avoid violating God's commandment and 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20, "Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies", what should you do to keep the maximum distance from any suspicion of sexual harassment?

-To move further, do you believe you can live a life free from falling into sexual temptation without a genuine relationship with God through repentance and faith in Jesus-Christ?

Sexual harassment is just one of many actions condemned not only by humans but also by the Lord Almighty.

According to Galatians 5: 20-21 , many other actions, attitudes and motivations like "idolatry and sorcery, hatred, discord, jealousy, and rage, rivalries, divisions, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing" brings God wrath upon any person who practices them.

But you can be freed and reconciled to God by repenting of your sins and accepting by faith Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. You can do so by praying the following prayer:

Lord God, I recognize that I am sinner by nature, actions, attitudes and words. I decide today to turn away from such sinful deeds and I trust Jesus-Christ to give me eternal life by coming into my heart now. Thank you for the new life I enter in now. Amen!

If you prayed the above prayer, the Lord forgave you and made you a child of God. Persevere in obedience to the Bible and meeting with genuine children of God like you.

Contact me through if you need any assistance or prayers.


Hervé Ngaté

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