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In the month of January, I had been chosen by an organization to write articles on his blog. With haste, I wrote my first article which was published in less than 2 hours. What joy ! but to my surprise, the organization had stolen my copyright and had put the name of someone else as a writer. I was greatly frustrated ... and our contract ended there. My wife gave me the idea of ​​creating my own website where I could publish articles. This I did and now I have already written 17 articles, some with the participation of other authors. The blog has already had almost 1,200 readers in 32 countries on 5 continents.

Have you been abused by someone? Have you felt betrayed by relatives? You had put your hopes and your trust in someone and then you were abandoned? Sometimes God will allow certain relations or certain projects end so that His will be done in your life and the best of Christ in you can be manifested.

The pastor refused to pray for you as you walked through a crisis? Turn to the Lord in prayer, you will see your needs met and the lives of thousands of people being transformed by your prayers.

The brothers did not make visits you when you were sick? Invoke the Lord and His angels will attend you as well ... You will be able to encourage those who are in solitude to see the miracles of God.

You were fired from your current job? Prepare to be the future boss of a company that will employ persons of high qualifications.

You undertake engagement that does not result? Thank God for you because he has a wedding to be like heaven on earth.

The best of your life is yet to come. Consider all those that came out of your life and all projects that you have not accomplished as the invisible hand of God leading you towards what is best for you. Sometimes it's hard to accept due to the pain of frustration, but God decided that all things will contribute to your good because he has poured his love into your heart by His Holy Spirit He has given you.


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