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The Bible Response to Slavery in Libya

We are all outraged and undignified of the men's trade taking place in Libya and other parts of the world. As a believer, I wondered what could be the reason for such an atrocity organised human beings.

In this article, I would like to share with you what I found during my Bible studies, hoping that it could help to understand what our Lord Jesus offers as a solution; and push believers to use the Word of God to make their voices heard on this topic.

What is the Bible's answer to slavery in the 21st century? How should the Church react to this contemporary problem?

1. It all started with Noah and his children. Genesis 9: 20-27

Cham exposed his father's weakness, demonstrating the lack of love and respect for his authority / parent.

Love covers a multitude of sins (Proverbs 10:12) and that is what the brothers of Cham did. Noah cursed Canaan and enslaved him under his brothers.

Those who take pleasure in telling the sins of others reflect the Cham syndrome that can only disappear in Christ.

Jesus was made a curse for us on the cross (Galatians 3:13) and the Word of God freed us from the vain manner of life that we inherited from our ancestors (1 Peter 1: 17-20)

2. Joseph sold as a slave. Genesis 38

Jealousy is the disease that also causes others to enslave their brothers.

Jealousy means feeling pain because someone else has what we believe to be for us.

-Jealous because the children of others are succeeding,

-Jealous because people appreciate another person instead of you,

-Jealous of the fact that another person is more talented in a field than us.

-Jealous because we expected to be the only ones to prosper but other persons are prosperous or are about to prosper.

-Jealous of the physical appearance of others

By the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, all Jealousy against your life to enslave you is broken in the name of Jesus!

God also calls you to repent of all Jealousy and the wrong things done to others.

3. Israel slavery in Egypt. Exodus 1: 8

The coming of a new king put Israel into slavery. This happened because he did not know the great things Joseph had done for Egypt.

But God prophesied it centuries before (Genesis 15: 13-14) and prepared the way for liberation by the coming of Moses.

Jesus came to free us from the evil Master Satan.

Any authority over your life that wants to keep you enslaved will see the glory of God shine through you.

4. Israel in captivity in Babylon. 2 Kings 24: 10-20

Because of his sins, Israel had been taken captive to Babylon but the time of his deliverance was fixed by God.

The time of your deliverance came with Christ in your life. The day Jesus enters your heart is the day you are freed from your oppressors.

5. The Church is free in Christ ! 1 Corinthians7

The Christian is free in Christ but also, he become the slave of Jesus. Unlike human slave masters, Jesus died to redeem us.

He has freed us from a wicked master to place us under his benevolent authority.

What a wonderful teacher Jesus is, who makes me a slave and his co-heir.

Just as a freedman rejoices when he is set free, let us rejoice in our freedom in Christ and celebrate the benevolence of our Master Jesus.

6. The voice of the Church against slavery in the 21st century

Let us not forget the action of many Christians to put an end to the slave trade and many social problems in the world.

Here is what the contemporary church could do as actions to eradicate spiritual, mental, and social slavery:

-Bring the saints to repent for exposing the sins of the parents and the weaknesses of the others

-Teach the people of God to live in the contentment and a holy jealousy towards God.

-Pray for our authorities to make decisions that glorify God and respect human dignity.

-Teach the people of God to walk in purity and holiness

-Teach the people of God to experience freedom in Christ.

-Announce the good news of salvation in Jesus -Christ because none of these slaves in Libya is born again Christian (to my knowledge).

Father forgive us for being of those who betray and expose the faults of others. We acknowledge that it is a lack of love and respect. Wash us with the blood of Jesus and make us able to love with your unconditional and eternal love.

Deliver us from all destructive jealousy and help us to rejoice with those who are successful and who are more talented than us in certain areas.

Reveal our talents and gifts and allow us to excel in their manifestations without comparing ourselves to others.

May true freedom in Christ be our daily life and that we can testify this liberation to those around us.


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