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On 5 March, during a session in which I formed workers of various organizations in the integration of language and cross-culture, a learner strongly opposed to a statement I made. What embarrassment of being challenged in public by a person you are training knowing that he is wrong ... I was trying somehow to make him understand the truth of my statements but his protests were going growing. Finally, he resigned and we moved forward. I was surprised some time later to see this student to apologize for his attitude and that day, he even made a proposal to the audience that would revolutionize my life: Create a free website (with to publish activities of our training. What we did successfully (See That night, at home, I was curious to learn more about this site and my joy was great to realize that I could create my website as a freelance writer. I discovered also that after having published a book on the site, I could sell it on Amazon without publication costs: On March 6, my first book was published (a book I was looking to get published since 2014) and in sale on (

Are you criticized in your work place or in your congregation? Are people under your leadership no longer seem to trust you? Is there a person who always contradicts your words? God told Pharaoh that he had raised him to show His glory! Imagine for a moment that the trials that Pharaoh was doing to the people of God were for the power of God to explodes with force. The Lord can thus use the mouth of your current critics to pop his glory in your life and in the lives of many. The problem is that sometimes we see the opposition as dangers and threats whrere as God sees them as promotional sources. Today, you can rest happily knowing that: • If the devil exist, it is to pop the glory of Jesus! • If sin exist, it is to pop the superabundant grace of God! • If demons exist, it is so that the manifold wisdom of God is visible through the Church! • If the diseases, oppressions, curses exist, it is to pop the Lord's power by healings, deliverances and blessings!

Since then, I see objections and problems with new eyes. I also see the suffering of others differently because I understand that God sending signals of their elevation. All we have to do is to pray, "Lord make me see your glory you're going to burst in this situation" The online book is available on at $ 3 only! Do not miss the opportunity to appropriate a copy and offer to those that you know. Shalom!

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