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The Bests Paths

"After being convinced by the Lord that we had to engage in certain projects, we began to face some obstacles that humanly seemed insurmountable. Our human intelligence offered many alternatives: to turn back and change our path, to make all our efforts to face these obstacles or to be discouraged and stop.

It was then that by praying one morning with the passage from Proverbs 3: 5-6, we understood that we must acknowledge that it is the Lord who will take control of these challenges then, stop relying on our own understanding and we would see The Lord removing them.

What a joy to see The Holy Spirit confirming His Word! All the obstacles were removed and our path flattened: We could then move forward with confidence. "

Maybe you are going through moments of doubt and mountains or heights are standing on your way right now. After listening to the Word and having obeyed It, you feel like nothing is moving forward. In fact, you do not know how to continue. Have you thought about changing your path? Have you reasoned until you exhaust all thoughts? or are you just paralyzed by discouragement?

The same way, Israel found himself stuck between Pharaoh's army and the Red Sea (Exodus 14: 10-31). In disarray, the Israelites analyzed with their intelligence and concluded in an impossibility; they accused Moses of bringing them out of Egypt for their destruction, but the Lord intervened powerfully because of Moses confidence to His Word.

Perhaps Moses prayed like this in his heart:

"Lord, it is You who revealed Yourself to me in the burning bush and who showed us Your power before Pharaoh to bring us out of Egypt. Your hand has led us out of Egypt to this sea. Moreover, it is You who is hardening Pharaoh's heart so that he will continue to pursue us with his army despite the cloud that separates us from Him. You could have driven us another way, but You allowed it to be this one that we took. Thank You because you are going to show Your glory in this situation »

In front of these mountains, it is our turn to pray to The Lord:

"Lord, I recognize that everything that happens to me is permitted by You. You could have prevented these obstacles from rising before me. I know that Your invisible hand is in control of people, circumstances and events behind these challenges and I refuse to rely on my own wisdom to make choices in this moments. I choose to praise You and I am confident that you will flattened my path. Thank you Lord! "

The Lord is also telling us now, "The obstacles you see today, you will never see them again. I will fight for you; and you, keep silent! "

Share this message with your friends to help them persevere in the paths of the Holy Spirit.


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