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"For a week now we had a paper that had to be signed by a public officer. Apparently he was taking pleasure in sending me away from his office and I was really tired of this situation.

Thoughts of complaints, murmurs, and accusations started to fill my heart. The last time I came back to his office, he rejected me again pretexting that it was his break time. He did not even raised the head to look at me.

I went out of the office and while walking, I realized that I had never really prayed for that officer to sign my document without problems. Therefore, I asked forgiveness to The Lord and I began to remind Him His Word in Proverb 21: 1 (The king's heart in the hands of the Lord is like the water streams, and by Him it is turned in any direction at his pleasure, BBE version). I also reminded The Lord about the example of King Cyrus in the Bible (Ezra 1: 1,) whom the spirit was moved by the power of God such that he could made a publication for the liberation of Israel.

I was then confident that on returning to this officer, he would sign my document without question. That’s what happened ... I was standing there, looking in amazement as he was signing it, and my heart was filled with joy and reverence before the greatness of God."

Are you in a situation where you say that it’s the authority that blocks you? Everything you do well at your job side is not taken into consideration? You have been waiting promotion for years, but everything seems stagnant? Maybe you started to oppose the authorities and even encourage others to do it?

Jesus told Pilate that he could do nothing if the order had not been given to him from above by the Father. Paul had exhorted Timothy to intercede for all men including those who lead us because all were instituted by God.

• The hearts of your leaders are in the hands of God and if you ask Him, He will incline them so that His will is fulfilled in your life.

• God has an agenda for your life, nothing and no one can oppose it. Continue to pray for the authorities who have decision-making power over your case and at the right time, you will see the power of God in action to turn these decisions at your favor.

It may be time for us Christians to set a good example by asking forgiveness for instigating rebellion against our authorities instead of inciting people to pray for them. They are human being like us, henceforth subject to weaknesses.

Instead of condemning them, thank God for appointing them; pray with supplication such that they will make wise decisions and then, let’s wait and see the power of God in action for our promotion and elevation.

Lord Thank you for our authorities and leaders. I proclaim in the name of Jesus that you have authority and power upon every leader on earth to turn their hearts into your Glory. Help us obey you by praying for them so they will take wise decisions for your Glory.


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